One of my favorite past time is sewing. I’m not a sewing pro. My interest is making small projects and some of them I sell for charity, like these. The weather in Malaysia is not always healthy. At some point of the year, we will face haze resulted from open burning from the neighbor country and also in this country. Living in the city out of the haze season are also exposing people to unhealthy carbon monoxide from cars and other land transportation. So, face masks are essential during these days. Since I’m an Eco person, I offer a better solution instead of using a disposable face masks. 🙂 Come try my handmade face masks; it’s reusable, made from good quality-3-layers-fabrics (cotton-flannel-minky) and sold at a very reasonable price. Last year, I made a lot for friends. Alhamdulillah (praise be to the Creator) this year I managed to sew before the bad season. However you can still have it for emergency. 🙂

Some of the ready-made. I’ll upload more from time to time, In Sya Allah (God willing).


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