Living ‘Alamy Lipstick

Entering the 2nd month of the production of Living ‘Alamy. I am not as eager as last month. I concentrated too much on lipsticks and lip balm making, and I started to feel uncomfortable. Lipstick is not my thing. I stop using it after marriage. I force myself to wear it in front of some people, who happened to know me wearing it before marriage.

Well, I produced lipsticks anyway. Anyway, this lipstick I’m making is hoped to be substitutes of the commercial lipsticks that contains petroleum jelly and other chemicals. I made it using natural clays, EVOO, shea butter, beeswax and tea tree oil. I tried to use beetroot but for many many times, it didn’t turn out to be like what I hope it would be. That’s how my frustration begins this week. However, I still proceed with the beetroot halfly done.

This is another story.

Beetroot is water soluble. You need to use glycerine to get the colour before you add it to your oil. I’ve tried this many times and today, after leaving it for hours, I finally get the mix that I want. Since it is still glossy, I decided to put some clay in the mixture. I used pastel pink clay and french pink clay. The difference between this two clays is, pastel pink clay acts as added colourant and thickener while French pink clay is to fade the brownish colour pastel pink clay give. However both of them are still brownish when mixed in in my beetroot mixture.

I made 2 lipsticks and a lip balm today. I will share the recipe later, insyaAllah


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